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The Odoo production module helps the end user to cope with the complexity of production, manages material invoices, plans manufacturing orders, follows work orders and includes as many features as possible to efficiently manage a manufacturing industry. . The manufacturing module is one of the fundamental applications in Odoo. As the manufacturing module is exceptionally coordinated with the Management inventory, the end user can keep his stock automatically updated with each manufacturing procedure. 

Production orders : Manage your products in manual assembly or assembly lines.

Work centers Start producing the necessary items in the final assembly of your products.

Repair orders Manage repairs on warranty or service items.

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Production order

Odoo Production helps you replace each multiple independent systems for managing your various business functions. being designed to solve production challenges.

Manage your products in manual assembly or assembly lines.

Work centers

The work centers are defined in which various operations are performed depending on the routes that the user has selected for the raw material to transform the finished product into the different work centers.


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Odoo • Image and Text

Overall Equipment Efficiency Reporting

Odoo Production is able to increase the efficiency at work of the company, eliminating the downtime in the production processes of the company, improving the visibility of the supply chain, efficiently in the planning of resources and much more.


Bill of materials

Print job order details generating PDF reports on work orders, MRP reports that provide PDF and XLS reports for production modules, list of materials.

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