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  • The Odoo Repair application allows you to manage a complete sales process, but also to simply repair the products you have manufactured, if they have a defect.

  • When a customer sends you a repair product, you create a new repair order.

  • Fill it with all the information you need, such as the product, the customer, whether it should be charged after or before the repair, the parts you need, etc.

  • Once everything is complete, you can then send the repair quote to your customer.

  • If approved, you can confirm the repair.

  • You will then be able to start and finish the repair when it is completed.

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Repair Quotation

* Generate a single repair request upon referral and record it as a backend repair request.

*Your client can submit repair request from your website and also attach documents.

* The client can check the status of all the requests for repair requests submitted by him on my Account page.


 Filters - repair

* Time-lapse filters can be defined based on the warranty expiration for example.

* Diagnose the repair requests and create the offer and send it to the customer..

* Create a work order / work order and distributed to the manager or technician.

* Configure repair teams, services, types of services.


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Odoo • Image and Text


* Manage your repair requests by assigning multiple repair request teams.

* Reports -> PDF repair request, repair tables and repair analysis available.

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* Tehnicianul poate comunica cu clientul folosind chat-ul și completează foaia de timp.

* Managerul Cererilor de reparații poate închide cererea și trimite factura către client (Facturarea din ofertă creată din Diagnosys).

* Clientul poate oferi feedback și evaluare a Cererii de reparații.


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