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  • This module is a subdivision of the HR module and was created to manage your employees' expenses.

  • It allows the acceptance, rejection, creation and validation of the requests for expenses of the employees.

  • It allows the attachment of receipts or invoices of the expenses made by the employees or by your company.

  • It allows you to save time and increase efficiency, keeping a clean and complete record of all expenses.

  • You can connect with the Accounting module to record payments or keep track of expenses.

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Expenditure report

It allows the employees to create expense reports, which can specify the expenses for a certain period of time.

Employees can describe these expenses based on the date they took place, as well as the company where they occurred.

Also, the expenses can be described in detail, with each product separately. At the same time, invoices or receipts for the expenses described can be attached here.

Overview of expenses

You can view all expenses and requests for expenses, as well as their current status: approved, rejected, etc.

An overview of the expenses within your company is available.

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Cost analysis

This module allows you to analyze the expenses of your employees or your company, according to different criteria such as total expenses in one year, one month, etc.

The analysis is available in graphical or tabular form and is carried out using custom indicators.

Also, a statistics can be made regarding the number of requests for expenses admitted or rejected.