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With integrated e-commerce platform of Odoo, stocks and sales are easier to manage than ever

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Complete services

We take care of everything so that your online store is ready to use: 

  • Web domain reservation

  • SEO - Search engine optimization

  • Personalized design with unique identity in the online environment

  • Description of product categories on separate pages

  • Uploading products to the sales page 

  • Adding promotional programs: seasonal discounts, quantitative discounts, discount coupons

  • Online store management training: products, stocks, orders, invoices, marketing

  • Publication on OSOBI servers 

Management with state-of-the-art tools

The pages of the Online Store are developed on the Odoo platform which offers all the latest generation tools needed for easy and professional management.

Quickly edit the products as you want

The pages of the Website and the pages of the Online Store are very easy to modify with the Content Editor (Web Buider - CMS). The appearance of the products and the value of the prices can be adjusted according to the marketing policies in just a few minutes. 

Shopping cart easy to use

Adding products to the cart, viewing the cart and converting it to order are intuitive and easy to use.  

Graphical dashboard with sales analysis

You have a clear picture of the status of the Online Store using the Graphic Dashboard that contains important information such as: New Orders, Unpaid Orders, Paid Orders, Abandoned Carts, Daily Revenue, Sold Products, Revenue from Marketing Campaigns.    

Automatic invoicing of orders when payment has been confirmed

You have an automated process that saves you the effort to manually create and validate orders and invoices when the payments have been validated.  

Email and sms notifications about order status

The online store automatically notifies customers when orders are processed: order validated, order ready for delivery, order taken by courier, order delivered, invoice generated. 

Integrated marketing tools  

The online store can be set to display marketing messages when product prices and stocks are changed:  30% discount, Old price 200 euro, Last 5 products, Last product, ...

Store visitors monitoring

You can more easily adjust your marketing policies when you have visitor monitoring tools. 

Integrated Web Site

The Online Store is integrated into the presentation Web Site with all its advantages:

      Custom design 
     Online Chat; newsletter; forum; Blog; Online presentation channel; Customer references 
       GDPR - EU regulation for the protection of personal data
           Design responsive - suitable for: Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, TV
     Osobi Cloud,  Domain and SSL - FREE 1 year 
        SEO - Search engine optimization  (Google, Bing)
         Integration with the ERP application: Odoo 

Custom design

We create a unique design according to the business activity. We offer a unique identity in the online environment.  

We develop on Odoo themes.

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  Estate shop

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns 
  Kea shop