Odoo ERP

We accelerate the growth of your business by integrating the management software - Odoo ERP

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We integrate and customize the Odoo ERP suite for any type of company

  • The Odoo ERP platform is very flexible and modular and can be easily adapted to any type of company, of any size.

  • Odoo modules can be added one by one and modified according to the growth and needs of the company.

  • With over 20 000 modules, Odoo ERP covers all your business needs in a single solution.

  • With Odoo ERP there is no need for interfaces between different software programs.

  • Odoo modules are seamlessly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes.

Production management and automation

  • You can monitor multiple production and assembly lines in a single window.

  • Technicians have been warned since production lines are blocked.

  • Production time is planned and monitored for each product. 

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Assembly with working instructions

  • Using technology sheets for production and assembly you have the safety of quality products.  

You have a clear picture of stocks

  • Stocks of manufacturing materials and stocks of manufactured products are maintained in real time.

  • Online stores and points of sale are integrated with inventory management.

  • You are sure you do not run out of production materials due to notifications activated when stocks are in short supply.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Automation of the purchasing process

  • Requests for quotations are automatically sent when stocks have fallen below a certain limit.

  • The lowest price is obtained by negotiating with several suppliers.